Locating flap and aileron hinges
Starting to bend up fuel tanks
Welding tanks
Checking the welds around the bottom with water
I put air pressure in them and held them under water looking for air bubbles
Attaching my carbon fiber leading edges on the flaps and ailerons
I have removable covers over my fuel tanks for easy tank removal
5 gal header tank I built to help ofset the heavier 914 & constant speed prop
My flaps are 100" long
Wing and turtle deck
Hard at work
Bottom of wing covered
Pitot and AHARS are close together in left wing
Pulley for aileron cable
One coat of grey on a few parts
My brother Bruce checking out my work
I have some old plywood signs for work tables
Working the fabric around the handle
The open part has aluminum covering eith a side access door
Most of the back of my baggage area is fabric. The door is .020 aluminum
Fuslage ready for paint booth
Attaching aero trailing edge on landing gear
Covered gear legs
Fabric piece to keep fallen objects from going back under baggage floor
Felix helping with my panel layout
My painting buddies.
Building the cables for the tail end.
A little farther along on my panel.
Making up cables.
Tank is installed and about to put the cover on it.
Tank all covered and ready to go except for a little sealer around the filler.
Flap and trim handle brackets. Lots of lightening holes.
Starting to install the engine.
One inch sleeves I put in firewall for cables and hoses.
Sight tube and header tank vent line.
Dual fuel pumps etc.
Plumbing into my header tank.
Some things hooked up and more yet to do.
Making airplane noises.
Good times wiring.
My flat splate wingtips and LED lights.
2 lb.battery, wastegate servo, turbo control unit and heater.
Wild West Highlander power plant.
Lots of wires.
I like to make separate windshield and skylight.
I made a fitting for my heater hose and water temp sensor.
Double calipers, I like powerful brakes.
Hooking up my remote mounted Dynon transponder.
Finally on the gear legs.
We got our logo on our seats.
Coming together
Ahh! Finally on those big cushy 31" tires!
Time out for a pose
Just Right
Lap of Luxury
Marking fuel level sight gauges.
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