Testimonials Wild West Aircraft

Steve was invaluable in my ordering exactly the airplane kit that fit my intended mission and saved me money doing it! His experience and insight into these airplanes and its capabilities is second to none. Whenever I have had a question, Steve has been hugely helpful, and if not available immediately, he was back with me within a matter of a few hours, and most of the time a few minutes.

Ben Schneider

It was quickly apparent the Steve has a great love and practical passion for flying. His aeroplane with the 135 hp rotax, in my opinion, gave it a more balanced take off and landing configuration that I thought I would like. Steve provided the air frame kit and engine for me.

Allan and Susan

Steve is not just an airplane salesman; he is a pilot with passion for the product. He is one of few people I know that has thoroughly pushed the airplanes he sells to the limits of their abilities. So when you ask him about performance and handling he will not be quoting a factory chart but using real world experience. He is one of the nicest and humble people you will ever meet and always ready to answer questions and help you.”

Brent Hoskins
Caldwell, Idaho

Dealer hospitality was great Steve and Cathy were very helpful in all aspects of the highlanders performance I was very impressed when Steve took time and we had two to three hrs of flying down south in the desert area and here’s the result of the sale.
Thanks again you two and you’s make a great team!

Rick and Shirl Pingert

I’d work with Cathy and Steve again in a heartbeat!

Andy Teetzel
Proud owner of an incredible Highlander

Steve, Thanks for all you DO! Steve Henry and Wild West Aircraft have allowed my dreams of building a superior bush plane to come true. Steve has always answered any questions I have had quickly and most importantly , accurately with many nuggets of wisdom.. I am two years into the build process and about 2/3 done with a hybrid Superstol fuselage and highlander wing. Steve has given me excellent advice and guidance saving me many hours of head banging. Thanks again Steve, and for all those considering a Highlander or Superstol purchase, you won’t regret using Wild West Aircraft.

Jimmy Graham
Kit #298
Phoenix, Arizona

I couldn’t be more pleased and impressed with my Super STOL. I had a bunch of possibilities to consider when choosing my next plane. While the sheer numbers and options were at times confusing, and even though I hadn’t decided on the Super STOL, I turned to Steve Henry for guidance. I felt that if I were looking for a short field take off and landing airplane, I needed to go the the guy who you might say is “writing the book” in this area. Steve helped me with my construction process. He has so much experience with the Highlander and the STOL that we took an already great design to an even better airplane by using his knowledge of what would work just a little better.
Steve and Cathy, working together as Wild West Aircraft, are a great team who assisted me throughout the process. Steve was readily accessible for any questions I had in both the building and even now as I continue to learn how to maximize the flying of the incredible performer.
I continue to get requests for demos when I show up at pilot gatherings. While I’m not near the capabilities of what Steve can do with it, it gets lots of smiles from my pilot friends when they see it fly. If I ever make any changes to N86GJ, or go looking for another super performer, I’ll head right back to see Steve and Cathy.

Phil Olson
Amity, Oregon

I’ve known Steve for approximately 6 years after meeting him at the Arlington Fly-In. Steve has flown Highlanders and SuperSTOLS and built both. Myself, owning a complete stock Highlander began to create a relationship with Steve. I started learning about his modifications such as leading edge cuffs and gap seals, landing gear, etc. After I got to know Steve, hearing his history of racing motorcycles and mini sprints, I decided it was time to get serious about getting a Highlander with all his modifications.
I asked him for what he thought I needed for the great north lands of British Columbia, tough yet reliable. Steve and I decided that his good friend, Rob Allen, would build the new one following recommendations and guide lines of Steve and myself.
Now I have been flying my new Highlander for over a year. The results were not only satisfactory but REMARKABLE! My new Highlander beat out the old Highlander in all areas, night and day difference. I am so thankful for Steve’s knowledge and Rob’s meticulous building skills. All Steve’s modifications have proved themselves. I am extremely happy with my Highlander.
I have built a great relationship with Steve and Cathy and Rob Allen that I feel I can call them anytime and chat about aviation or anything else. Anyone wanting to see or discuss my Highlander is welcome to message me though Steve or Cathy at Wild West Aircraft.

Ron Diack