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  • How much does a Highlander cost?
    Everything needed to build a complete highlander for most people will be between $70,000 to $100,000. Pricing varies depending on the engine package and other options. Some of the more popular options are suspension upgrades, leading-edge cuff on the wing, and reshaping leading edges of the ailerons. You can also upgrade with our custom-made 5-gallon header tank. See Pricing on the Highlander tab.
  • How long does it take to build a kit?
    It takes approximately 1,000 hours to build a Highlander or SuperSTOL.
  • Can I buy a completed airplane?
    Used Highlanders are hard to find because most people keep their airplanes. There are, however, some experienced builders who are willing to put one together for others.
  • What are the specs for the Highlander or SuperSTOL
    Please see Specs in the Airplanes tab
  • Can I get a demo flight?
    Yes, call Steve directly to schedule a demo flight in a Highlander. 208-880-7887
  • What is a Header Tank and where can I buy one?
    At Wild West Aircraft we build custom header tanks for the Highlander and SuperStol. The header tank increases the fuel capacity by 5 gallons. It enhances safety by making it easier to see how much fuel you have when you're starting to get low on fuel. We have many happy customers flying with our header tanks. They are fabricated out of 5052 aluminum and can be powdercoated, painted, or left bare. You can purchase one for $750 plus shipping through email at
  • How long has Steve Henry been flying?
    Steve started flying ultralights in 2004 and quickly decided he wanted more. In 2005 he built his first Highlander and has been flying Just Aircraft Highlanders and SuperSTOLs ever since then. He has built 7 personal airplanes and named each one YeeHaw 1-7. He is currently flying YeeHaw 6, which is a Highlander with an Edge Performance EPeX 300 hp Yamaha engine. Dead Stick Takeoff video launched his career as an adventure pilot.
  • Where can I find Build Videos?
    We are in the process filming the build process of YeeHaw 8. You can watch these videos at
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