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Build Photos

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Setting Flaps and Ailerons to the Wings

This shows how I clamp everything to make sure I get the full motion of ailerons and flaps. Everything is perfectly straight and in place before I drill any holes. 

IMG_1297 2.HEIC

Elevator Push-Pull Rod

This photo shows how I make a double bend on the front end to make the tube go under the baggage floor.  On the back end, there is a slight bend up to attach it to the bell crank. 


Leading Edge Cuff 

Insatalled.  You can see how I blend in the edge with Body Filler.  When gluing it on, use a lot of tape to hold it in the correct position so it cannot move while the adhesive sets. 

IMG_1413 2.HEIC

Have Fun!

Good company helps the process. 


Rudder and Elevator Hinge 

The easy way to pull the tubing through the hinge is to cut it at an angle where you can poke it through, then pull it through the hinge with pliers.  After the full tube is in, cut it off with a utility knife. 


Butt Ribs 

I always reinforce the Butt Ribs like this. I rivet and glue aluminum pieces to the top edge. It makes the top window much more securely attached than just attatching to the cap strip. 


Template for locating Leading Edge Cuff

I use a template like this to ensure I have the correct placement of the Leading Edge Cuff on the front spar. 


Leading Edge Cuff 

I stop the cuff even with the edge of the root rib. 

IMG_1412 2.HEIC

Control Mixer 

I spend a lot of time making sure the control mixer operates smoothly and exactly how I want. 

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