Highlander High Sierra Flyin
Highlander High Sierra Flyin

The Highlander is a versatile aircraft with great performance capabilities. The cockpit is 44″ wide with lots of headroom and over 30 cu. ft. of cargo area. The plane has adjustable seats and there is plenty of cargo room to haul everything you need for that hunting, fishing or cross-country trip. Planes may be fitted with floats as an amphib, with wheels, or skiis for winter use. This aircraft is very affordable and with the proper maintenance will last you a lifetime. Combine these features with the new Light Sport Pilot license and you too can enjoy the thrill of flying your own airplane!



Even a single person will find that the foldable wings on the Highlander are easy to function, taking just a few minutes to accomplish. Being able to fold the wings means that this plane is not difficult to store or transport. 

Highlander folded wings


Large windows mean that this light sport aircraft has amazing visibility. Not only will you feel in control, you will also be able to experience amazing views wherever you go. Being able to see what you are flying over is part of the adventure.

Highlander Interior View


The Highlander features ample cabin room with adjustable seats to accommodate any size pilot and passenger. Not only can the Highlander get you to your destination but will do so in comfort.



The optional Alaskan Bushwheel tires allow the Highlander to take off and land in rugged terrain without worrying about finding an airstrip. These tires have no problem traversing over small rocks and shrubs, which expands your possibilities for adventure.



Useful load on this craft can be up to 705 pounds. The capacity to carry as well as a good deal of room for cargo means that it is ideal for short flights as well as extended trips.



General Specs:

Wing Span31′ 6″

Wing120.75 sq.ft.

Mean Cord Length47.5″

Height7′ 10″

Length Folded20′ 8″

Width Folded7′ 11.5″

Adjustable Seats2


Cabin Width44″

Landing GearTail Wheel or Tricycle

Gear Width76″

Fuel Capacity18 or 26 Gallons”


Performance Figures Using Rotax 912S 100hp at 1320lbs:

VNE130 mph

Cruise110 mph

Stall w/ flaps 40°27 mph

Stall Clean32 mph

Take-Off Roll300 ft

Take-Off Distance to 50ft800 ft

Ground Roll300 ft

Landing Distance From 50ft1000 ft

Climb Rate880 fpm


Weights and Loading:

Gross Weight1320 lbs

Empty Weight w/ 912S615 – 750 lbs

Useful LoadUp to 705 lbs



highlander price options

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