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Foldable Wings With Auto Retracting Wing Slats and Large Fowler Flaps

The wings on the Super STOL, like the Highlander, will fold for storage or transport. The design genius in this wing is focused on the automatic leading edge slats, which when combined with the large Fowler flaps will allow the Super STOL to be flown at extremely high angles of attack. This plane has the ability to literally drop into small or inclined clearings, which makes the Super STOL one of the most versatile and enjoyable backcountry airplanes on the market.

Highlander folded wings


Large windows mean that this light sport aircraft has amazing visibility. Not only will you feel in control, but you will also be able to experience amazing views wherever you go. Being able to see what you are flying over is part of the adventure.



The Super STOL, like the Highlander, features ample cabin room with adjustable seats to accommodate any size pilot and passenger.


Aggressive, Long Travel Gear and Oversize Tires

The Super STOL takes advantage of the extreme landing capabilities with an advanced landing gear system which combines a hydraulic strut with long distance of travel, without the bounce. Even the tail wheel boasts its own hydraulic shock. The extreme gear along with the optional Alaskan Bushwheel tires, allow the Super STOL access to adventurous landing spots that most pilots could only dream about.

oversize tires.jpg


Useful load on this craft can be up to 583 pounds. There is plenty of space to haul camping equipment, fishing gear, portable bikes, an inflatable kayak, lounge chairs, or most anything you can dream of flying into the back country.



General Specs:

Wing Span: 31′ 3″

Wing: 114 to 147 sq.ft.

Mean Cord Length: 55″

Height: 7′ 5″

Length Folded: 21′ 8″

Width Folded: 8′ 6″

Adjustable Seats: 2

Doors: 2

Cabin Width: 44″

Landing Gear: Tail Wheel

Gear Width: 98″

Fuel Capacity: 27 Gallons


Performance Figures Using Rotax 912S 100hp at 1320lbs:

VNE: 130 mph

Cruise: 100 mph

Stall w/ flaps:  40°32 mph

Stall Clean: 37 mph

Take Off Roll: 400 ft

Take Off Distance to 50ft: 550 ft

Ground Roll: 250 ft

Landing Distance From 50ft: 450 ft

Climb Rate: 1000 fpm


Weights and Loading:

Gross Weight: 1320 lbs

Empty Weight w/ 912S: 737+ lbs

Useful Load: Up to 583 lbs

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